The Music of Her Passage


Music and Lyrics by Patrick Godfrey Copyright  1974/2008 Apparition Music Inc. SOCAN


We have lived our whole lives

Under glass and steel.

We have been carried so far away,

By the tyranny of wheels.

By this insane motion from place to place,

From age to age,

And from face to face.


My eyes have turned to stone.

They reflect no light, and have no light of their own.

Blind stars, in empty space,

With no fire of life,

And no vision of grace.


My love has died right in my hands,

From all the talk of freedom, and the brotherhood of man.

This sorrow has become so real,

It has dissolved my faith.

It is all I feel.


The earth is blue, as she spins through the years.

Is the music of her passage wasted on our ears?

As we dance in our crazed rhythms?

As we dance, in our crazed rhythms.