Here In My Arms


Music and Lyrics by Patrick Godfrey Copyright 2008 Apparition Music Inc. SOCAN


Here in my arms,

There is no space for the world of fear and doubt.

My arms will keep it out.


My arms are strong.

Here you belong, and will stay until the day

Returns the sky to blue, itÕs me and you,

WeÕll hold the night away.


Here in my dream,

There is no time for regret, or loss, or sorrow.

WeÕll dream here till tomorrow.

My dream is deep. Here we will sleep,

And the world can start anew.


WeÕll float on clouds of love, above the storm,

Into a sky so blue, aworld thatÕs true.

Awake, and so aware, of the beauty everywhere.


Here in my song,

ThereÕs only peace, and the love I have for you.

You know my love is true.

My songÕs for you, to hold the night,

When the morning sun shines through.


Though shadows flee the light of day,

I pray that you will stay,

Here in my song.

Here in my dream.

Here in my arms.


Stay, here in my arms.