DonŐt Cry


Music and Lyrics by Patrick Godfrey Copyright  2008 Apparition Music Inc. SOCAN


I know the Summer's over, the sky is grey with cloud,

Don't cry, don't cry.

This world's just tilting over, so call my name out loud.

Don't cry, don't cry.


Don't sit there heartbroken, call out my name.

The words of love we've spoken let us laugh through this spinning game.


A single star is shining above the icy sea,

Don't cry, don't cry.

Its silver light protects us, reminds us we are free.

Don't cry, don't cry.


Did you hear the wind howl in the firs last night?

I dreamed that we were flying to that star through the silver light

We went soaring through the night.


We were soaring from the winter to the spring,

From the edges of the morning we could hear our bright star sing.

We were soaring, above the day and night,

Beyond the dark and empty space, into the sweet clear light,

We were soaring.


As the dawn was breaking we were dreaming of the spring

Don't cry, don't cry.

That silver light awakening a song that we can sing.

Don't cry. don't cry.


I still feel us soaring, above the snow and rain

Then spinning round the golden sun, we fall in love again.


We fall  through the spellbound night.

From the fragrant clouds of Springtime, we could see our star so bright

We were falling to the edge of time,

Beyond the dark and silent space,

To the morning of our minds,

We were falling.


I know the SummerŐs over, and the sky is grey with cloud,

But donŐt cry,

DonŐt cry.