Weaving Dreams is inspired by the Japanese koto music classic, Music of Weaving, and features plucked string sounds, percussion, flutes and mallets.

River Flow is for flute and keyboard, a lyric solo which evokes the beauty of a gently flowing river. This piece was originally composed for string orchestra and flute.

 When Lilacs Last Bloomed is performed using a harpsichord lute stop sound and it is in two sections. The first is a series of variations separated by a repeated motif, the second a development of figures on a drone bass. The name is taken from Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass; the music is for remembrance in Springtime

 Sycorax  features electronic guitars, percussion, mallets and bass. It is ritual-like music which is based on a rapid shifting eighth note pattern with mallet and guitar overlays, underscored by a deep bass drone. The name is taken from Shakespeare's The Tempest. Sycorax, the witch of Algiers, was the mother of Caliban.

 Rainshadows is a three movement piece for solo piano; the first is a gentle series of reflections, the second a gradually intensifying tier of patterns, and the third, a waltz in freetime. This is music for Autumn.

 Blue Night, the title piece, was composed for harpsichord and oboe. It is in three movements; the first alternates between motion and rest, and gradually develops into the second movement, which is slow and dream-like. The third movement is a short energetic coda to the piece. This is night music.

 Come Down Angels concludes the album. It is an invocation,  a slow, sweeping, introduction moving into an uptempo pattern for electronic guitars, strings, flutes, percussion, mallets and bass.